Is your computer painstakingly slow? Does it take 90 seconds or more to load a webpage?

Start enjoying your PC again with our PC Tune-Up package. ESG can speed up your computer's performance, and keep it that way.Out of the box, a new computer, whether it's running Windows or Mac, usually seems speedy and ultra-responsive. After several months or a year, most people notice a slight to significant drop-off in performance. After 18 months to two years, the machine you once loved is now crawling like molasses as you watch it fail to load any program or Web page this decade. We've all been there. But sometimes, the root of the problem isn't obvious and you aren't exactly a computer wizard. That's where the experts at ESG come in. We have tools to scan through your PC and find duplicate files, unneeded downloads and old pieces of incomplete program installations.


Computers are such an important tool that most of use everyday and can't live without. Tuning up your PC will make it quicker and helps it run efficiently. Regular maintenance of this type can also extend the life of the computer. People sometimes dump an old machine and replace it with a new one because the older machine seems unresponsive. Just like with cars and other complex machinery, if you don't perform the basic upkeep, it wears down quicker.
In many ways, tuning up a PC keeps it internally organized. Essential data are filed away appropriately. Junk gets tossed. And parts of the system that were starting to get messy or torn apart (fragmented) are patched back together again.


We first start by deploying our optimizer and registry cleaner. This process will immediately get rid of unnecessary and duplicate files hidden away on your PC. We also delete old temporary files that stack up along with updating existing software and programs with the latest versions. ESG techs will improve your start-up and shut down times and clean up your menus, desktop and taskbar shortcuts for a clean, crisp viewing area.
Other procedures we perform to Tune-Up your PC:
• Disk defragmentation
• Check for and install driver updates
• Remove unwanted data from Internet browsers
• Increase computer secuirty by removing traces of personal information


ESG offers a PC Tune-Up package for one low rate. Call 800-641-3314 to get a faster PC thanks to ESG.

Monthly Packages Starting at $19.99/Annual Virus and Malware Subscriptions $59.99/Instant Support $199.99